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Week of Blah [Feb. 29th, 2008|07:29 am]
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[mood | still a tad sick]

Okay, so Monday I had a doctor's appointment. Just a check up with my new pulmonary dr, Dr. Horton. I had to wait and hour and a half just to get an x-ray taken!!! So, I finally got the X-ray done and they did a breathing test on me. They took my blood pressure, which is extremely low. Sixty over fourty!!! He said that the breathing test and the x-ray looked no different from when he saw me back in October. He also made a funny. I was looking at People mag while in the office, and there was a pic of Beyonce wearing something tight and low cut, and Dr. Horton was all like "That's something I always wondered. How people can wear stuff like that, and not fall out." I about died. Well, this past weekend, I had been starting to get a cough and such, so I asked him for a Zpack to knock it out with right away so I doesn't get any worse, and he gave me a prescription for that and a prescription for some Vicodin *YAY!* which I got filled out at Kroger's on Monday.

So by Monday night I was feeling good, and Sinister called!! Which made me feel really really good ♥. My poor baby. He had a bad neck these past few weeks. He could barely move :(. That is why I only heard from him on my bday. We must have been on the phone till 2 am. ♥.

So, Tuesday morning around seven-thirty, murphy's law hits. The day AFTER I see a doctor, I get mad sick. Coughing, pain, extremely sore right lung. I had to use oxygen yesterday even. :( Sinister called last night and I couldn't even talk. I couldn't eat. Drank water to wash pills *Zpack and Tylenol* down with. Slept in a chair that night even. I was going to clean the kitchen. Didn't happen. I was going to put laundry away. Didn't happen.

WednesdayI woke up. STILL with an annoying painful cough. Seriously, this is just annoying already. My lungs felt like an elephant sat on them. I did try to eat English Muffins *I crave those*. But I can't shake this achy cough :(

So yesterday I woke up. Felt somewhat better. Cleaned the kitchen, and played on I wish I could get rid of this cough though.

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