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TWO Princes? [Feb. 20th, 2008|11:31 am]
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Not to self, never watch ECW while eating English Muffins again. It results in strange dreams.

I dreampt that I lived in a little cottage and that John Morrison was one of the Prince's of England *He was Wills and Harry's older bro*. And he was trying to woo me. Dad *who lived with me in the cottage* kept telling me to ignore the letters sent from the Prince. Melody *this chick who used to work at Penachio's and loved to watch wrestling* was my best friend in the dream. She kept telling me that the last time a girl ignored the advances of the Prince, Scotland Yard came and took her away. And I kept baking brownies and cookies and shit in the dream. Oh and of course Sinister was in it. Well, phone wise of course. Like we were fighting thought. He kept hanging up on me, then he would call back and wind up hanging up on me again. Mema was in the dream towards the end. Like Prince John Morrison, Prince Charles, the Queen were pulling up in front of our cottage in a limo. I'm running around TRYING to get ready, and all I had on was a shirt. I was sans pants *but I did have boyshorts on*. The media were all outside the yard with their tripods and cameras and shit. Dad was all like "See!!! This *points to the media out in our yard* is what happens!". Then a cab pulls up kinda next to the limo and before the door of the cab opened up, I woke up from the dream.

So WHO was in the cab?!?! I think I have an idea who it might be.........