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[Feb. 8th, 2008|10:22 pm]

Baked brownies tonight. Yes, I baked brownies. We *dad and I* are going to Bob's tommorrow to celebrate my birthday and Wayne's *one of Bob's grandkids* birthday. I think Wayne will be turning 15 or 16. Mema is coming to Bob's house as well tomorrow. John *my dad's youngest brother* will be bringing her to Bob's. I don't know why, maybe it's the menopause, but I can't muster enthusiasm to go. Before hand I would be like "BOB'S!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Now I'm all like "oh...yay."

There mere thought of turning another year older is leaving me feeling flat. Not to mention it's too god damn close to Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a god damn fucking piece of shit waste of time holiday. Plain and simple. Just a day to celebrate over priced greeting cards and mystery filled chocolates in a heart shaped cardboard box. Fuck Valentine's Day. Fuck it up the ass with a pinecone...hard and without lube.

So anyway, I baked brownies tonight to take with me tomorrow. They turned out quite good, I guess. I haven't tasted them. I just covered them with foil, and we'll cut into them tomorrow at Bob's.

Last week I baked chocolate chips cookies. Damn, that's a long process, I shit you not. Two bowls, all that sifting of flour and such. Oh and my Magic Bullet didn't exactly chop up the nuts. It pureed them. I had nut paste. The batter turned out quite gooey after I put that in. And I don't know if anyone here watches Barefoot Contessa, but she uses an ice cream scoop to put her cookies on the cookies sheet. It didn't quite work for me. Those cookies turned out to be HUGE. Dad enjoyed them though. I baked the cookies for him. But I did take one to the mall the other day and gave one to Carl. I had one for Corda too, but she wasn't there. Carl said he'd give her the cookie I had for her. When I talked to Carl on AIM the other day, he was raving about the cookie I gave him. Looks like I'll have to bake more cookies. I did go to the store today to get eggs so that I could bake more cookies sometime this week. I forgot to put nuts on my list though. :( Also, whenever I bake cookies, I always look like Pigpen when I'm done.

[info]kreacher owns my soul. She made 50 MAC icons for icons50 over on LJ. The one I'm using now is one of the ones she made. It rocks. I'm going to use a lot of her MAC icons over on IJ, seeing how I get 300 icons there, and only 110 icons here.

I should be going to bed soon. Dad wants to LEAVE here by 8 or 9 am so that we can get to Bob's around noon tomorrow. When he told me earlier that he wanted to leave at 8 or 9 am I was all like O.O. I'm never alive at that hour. And seeing how I haven't been able to sleep at night here lately, getting to bed is going to be quite hard.
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