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Get Him Out The Dryer He's Hot....[Jan. 20th, 2008|10:52 pm]

Went out of town to Columbus yesterday. My cousin, Renee, who is one year older than me, does Roller Derby. Now it was a shock years ago that Renee of all people got into it. She, along with her older sister Tiffany, were a bit well shall we say "prissy" going up. Three years ago, she got into roller derby and got a huge tattoo on her arm *we are the only two females in the family with tats, I was first*. Well, anyway, I've never got to go to any of her roller derby events before, because I lived in SC and such. On Xmas eve, aunt Melody told me Renee had one this week, so that info had been in my head since then. My cousin Renee aka Triptease

After dad got home from work yesterday *and after I finally finished putting my face on with my Bare Minerals and MAC*, we headed to Columbus.

OMG, what fun it was!!!! It was Ohio Roller Girls vs Detroit Derby Girls. The Ohio Roller Girls lost :(, but I still had a great time, it being my first time going and all. And during intermission, the announcer welcomed visting leagues/teams who came to see the game. A team called Glas City Rollers came. Guess where they are from? TOLEDO!!!! I

Me: I can join? Yes?
Dad: NO!
Aunt Melody: O.O I thought you said you couldn't skate?
Me: I can't, but that doesn't matter.

I did wind up buying a Ohio Roller Girls t-shirt last night and three buttons as souveniers.

After I got home tonight, I looked up the Toledo team. They has a site, let me show you it.. It seems Glass City Rollers are still in their early stages, so they need helpers and such DJ's *I've never DJ'd, but how hard can it be to just play music while people are skating and crashing into each other?*, concession workers, etc. So I may email them to sign up and do something.

Went and saw The Bucket List today at the movies. It was dad, Mema, Kara, Kylie, and Kylie's brother John who I saw it with. I could NOT get up this morning. I set my alarm for ten, then when it went off, was like "fuck it". I got up a little before eleven thirty. Dad kept teasing me on the way to the theater about us being late *we were five minutes early, we had to meet Kara and them at 12:20, and the movie didn't start till 12:30* because it took me FOREVER while I got my Bare Minerals and MAC on.

That movie was sooo good. Best one I've seen in a while. Made me laugh and cry. But we had awkard seating. It was dad, Kara, Mema, me, Kylie, and then John. I wouldn't have been awkard had Kara and Kylie not been splitting a huge ass drink. I kept having to lift the heavy ass thing, pass it across Mema, and hand it to Kara.

During the previews they showed clips from this one movie where Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives plays a ghost. Well one of the clips shows a guy cooking. He sets his arm on fire, then he dunks the arm in a large pot of boiling water, then he turns aroud and slips and falls on the floor. LMMFAO!!

Me *whispering to Kylie*: That is sooo us in a kitchen!
Kylie *whispering back to me*: Oh I know, that's totally me and you.

Pop is expensive as FUCK anymore at the theater. Holy shit. I remember when I worked at at theater in 1996. Pop was $1.75 for small, $2.00 for a medium, and $2.50 for a large *and you got free refills witht the large*. I got a small pop today with no ice for....$3.50!!!!!!! Highfuckingway robbery I tell you.
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