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Carl Works His Magic Like A Fucking God!!!![Jan. 15th, 2008|06:44 pm]

Okay I was in MAC in Macy's a couple times today. Well, my last stop in, I decided to make a list of stuff I don't have that I want/need. So Carl and I were going around the store and I was jotting down items and such, and I inquired about Purple lipstick. Like wild purple listick. He then did this trick with Violet Pigment *which I have* and clear lipglaze *which I do not yet have, but after what he did today I will SOO be buying it. It's on the TOP of my list*. So he took what looked to be a little petre dish, squeezed some of the lipglaze into it, then sprinkled some of the Violet Pigment into the Lipglaze and stirred the two up, and put that on my lips with a lipbrush. HOLY SHIT!!! It is HOT!! I love love love love. I had already started the day with having purple on my eyes, but he made my lips match my eyes and my nails, AND make me look good. Carl = miracle worker. Word yo.

Bare Minerals

Mi Lady *purple half* e/s on lid and underneath
Violet Pigment on crease and underneath
Mi Lady *red half* above the lid
Liner in Graphblack

Violet Pigment mixed with Clear Lipglaze.
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