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I can has make up?[Jan. 14th, 2008|04:22 pm]

Dear self....

When going to the mall tomorrow to use your Border's coupon on the SW FG DVD...DO NOT SET FOOT IN THE MAC DEPARTMENT OF MACY'S AND DO NOT GO INTO TRADE SECRET AND BUY OPI NAILPOLISH!!! No no no no. You have ENOUGH make up at the moment. Search your feelings, you know this to be true. You dropped enough money on cosmetic stuff in the last few months. $60 on Bare Minerals alone *not counting all the MAC stuff and OPI Polish you have bought lately*, and no wonder your dad gave you a "bwuh?" look and literally screamed "WHAT?!?!" when he found out *thanks to Kylie*.

Yes, I know there are three items on the MAC site that you saw that you think you need...YOU DON'T!!!! You can go and talk to Carl at the MAC center...but DO NOT buy stuff.

You don't need the Parrot eye shadow. Honestly. Yes, it's looks good on every FOTD you've seen it used in the pics posted in mac_cosmetics on LJ. But you DON'T need it.

Yes, the fact that the MAC part of Macy's is right next to entrance/exit door leading in/out of the mall does not help our cause. You don't need the Mac for Mei Lipglass in the shade Love Rules. You don't need the Mac for Mei Lipstick in Ruby Woo. And don't need the Parrot Eyeshadow. All three of these items cost $14 each. That's $42, not including tax my dear. No, not yours.

And once you get into the mall, DO NOT buy any polish from Trade Secret. You need none right now. Plus the color your got your nails done in last week is not for sale any more. OPI discontinued it....even though you did manage to buy it on Ebay over the weekend *facepalm*. Besides, you don't get your nails done in what, another two weeks, and by then the shade Met On the Internet will be out. And you can get your pretty little nails done in that.

And FYI, stop looking at the sales people post in mac_cosmetics on LJ. Dropping almost $40 online for makeup is not helping your bank account either, remember that. Oh and signing up for sites such as and isn't benefiting you either. You need swap tokens, and so far you has none.

It's a good thing for us that Jadore by Christian Dior is so fucking expensive. And least you have the good sense God gave a chicken not to drop a shitpot of money on that...even though it does smell wonderful and the commercial is bad ass.

Again...tomoroow...try to have some self control my dear, please? Yes go talk to Carl...but DO NOT BUY anything!!!

No love,


Y'all can take bets on if I do/do not buy MAC tomorrow

Edit: Someone just posted in mac_cosmetics on LJ that they are selling Parrot for $10. My god, that's four dollars cheaper than in the store....
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