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[Jan. 10th, 2008|03:54 pm]
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[mood | angry]


Okay, as some of y'all may know, last month I won Barefoot In Paris off of Ebay for over $15 *which is a fucking steal considering the fact that it cost $35.00 in any store*. Well, I had been waiting all this time for said book to arrive.

All this time I've kept thinking that maybe they haven't sent it out yet or whatever. So, I was giving feedback on two Rusty Wallace items that came yesterday for dad, when I notice on my feedback form that the seller of the Barefoot Contessa book I won is no longer with ebay.

So, I go to his/her page. Oh My Damn. When I first bid on the book, I saw he/she had good to okay feedback. Now, not so much. check out his/her feeback now

Also, in order to even bid on the book, the seller made it a rquirement that the bidders have a PayPal account. So, in order to even bid on said book, I signed up for a PayPal account. I just now sent a complaint via Paypal about not receiving the book. now I'm out of $15.41 AND a book.